Selected Work
Pandemic Professors Capstone Project
An MHCI Capstone project focused on improving the tutor-student pairing process at Pandemic Professors, a non-profit tutoring organization that helps low-income students. As the lead researcher, I employed a variety of methods to diagnose pain points in the current system and work towards prototyping solutions.
Fake News Detection Game
I worked in a group with 5 other MCHI students to develop a prototype for a social detection game where players must use critical thinking skills to identify real and fake news articles. We determined what skills to build and what aspects of the game to develop based on user testing, expert interviews and literature review.
User Research for Local Theater
Term-long research project conducted for a course at CMU with a small team. Focused on increasing donations for the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh. We worked to identify user needs through a variety of methods and prortyped an innovative digital membership solution for the theater.
VR Collaboration Research Project
I led the prototyping team for two terms in a VR collaboration research project conducted by the CMU OH! Lab. We created 3D model prototypes and tested their effects on group dynamics with live participants in the Spatial app for Oculus.
Designing a Service for Lutron
Educational VR Experience
Created by Brady Baldwin, 2021